Commemoration of the World AIDS Day

Commemoration of the World AIDS Day


In commemoration of the World AIDS Day an event is held with in Alexandria in collaboration wit the Ministry of Health and Population and the Alexandria Regional Centre for Women’s health and Development.

We are advocating and calling for the end of stigma and discrimination associated with HIV as away forward towards a better life for all.

Let us know. Let us Understand. Let us Stop Stigmatizing.






،في إطار الاحتفالات باليوم العالمي للإيدز
.يعقد حدث في الإسكندرية بالتعاون مع وزارة الصحة والسكان و مركز الاسكندرية الإقليمي لصحة و تنمية المرأة

.ندعو ونطالب بإنهاء الوصم و التمييز المرتبطين بفيروس نقص المناعة البشري باعتبارهما خطوة قدما لحياة أفضل للجميع

.دعونا نسأل، دعونا نفهم، دعونا نقضي علي التمييز ضد فيروس نقص المناعة البشري





Public Competitive Training

Public Competitive Training


In commemoration of the World AIDS Day, The UN Joint Team in collaboration FitSquad organized a one-day public competitive training event in Cairo on Friday 15th. At 9.00 am at Platinum Club.

The event was left open to civil society and was attended by UN Agencies’ staff, the International Federation for Medical Students Association (IFMSA), FitSquad coaches, and one of the campaign ambassador Salma Abu Deif.

Post the workout, a brief awareness speech was delivered by UNAIDS Country Manager Dr. Ahmed Khamis and FitSquad Co-founder Omar Abo Shakra and World AIDS Day Campaign ambassador Salma Abu Deif.

Advocacy event by the UNJT under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health and Population

Advocacy event by the UNJT under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health and Population


The UN Joint Team under the auspices of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health and Population and in collaboration with the National AIDS Program organized a high-level event at the Egyptian Diplomatic Club. The event comes as part of the National AIDS Advocacy Campaign focusing on increasing public awareness on HIV and the recently launched campaign. The event was held with participation of Campaign Ambassador Nelly Karim.

The event was attended by representatives from the Ministry of Health and Population, Foreign Minister assistant Ambassador Mahmoud Amer, UN Heads of agencies and the UN Joint Team on AIDS, Foreign Ambassadors, Egyptian celebrities as well as youth led representatives of organisations and media representatives.

The aim of the event was to highlight Egypt’s political commitment to ending AIDS by 2030 in line with the political declaration.

IFMSA WAD University Campaign 2017

IFMSA WAD University Campaign 2017


IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students Association) are continuously raising awareness within the youth and are part of every year’s World AIDS day commemoration. Universities focus on faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Nursery, with the aim of advocating and raising awareness messages.

This year 23 Universities from 18 different governorates are part of the campaign efforts.

Joint Advocacy Forum for Religious Figures

Joint Advocacy Forum for Religious Figures


Part of the World AIDS Day 2017 national advocacy campaign, UNAIDS Joint Team and Tabah Foundation in collaboration with the National AIDS Program organized a one-day high-level event in Kempinski Nile Hotel. The event comes to highlight religious leaders’ views on stigma and discrimination faced by people living with HIV.

The event was attended by representatives from the Ministry of Health and Population, UN Joint Team, Al Habeeb Ali Al Jifri and Bishop Bolous Sorour in addition to representatives of Tabah Foundation and selected media personnel.

The event included participation of key religious leaders and activists in the field of HIV and AIDS.

Globally the First of December is marked as the World AIDS Day around. The commemoration comes as a part of a national advocacy campaign designed to raise awareness about HIV, enhance prevention efforts and move the various sectors to address the stigma and discrimination that surround people living with HIV in Egypt.

“RUN AGAINST STIGMA” with CairoRunners

“RUN AGAINST STIGMA” with CairoRunners


In commemoration of the World AIDS Day, The UN Joint Team in collaboration with the National AIDS Program organized a one-day running event in Cairo with the support of Cairo Runners.

The event was attended by representatives from the Ministry of Health and Population, UN Agencies, youth figures from Y-Peer and the International Federation for Medical Students Association (IFMSA) in addition to the attendance of media professionals.

After the run, awareness speeches were delivered by Dr. Walid Kamal, Manager of the National AIDS Program and UNAIDS Country Manager Dr. Ahmed Khamis.

MAHD Film Lab

MAHD Film Lab



As part of Egypt’s National AIDS Campaign 2015, The Joint United National Program on HIV/AIDS in collaboration with The National AIDS Program (MoHP), supported the MAHD Film Lab for film and script development, with the aim of using art to raise awareness and destigmatise HIV and AIDS especially among youth.

MAHD Film Lab is a professional script development program, which took place in Cairo from Mid-February to Mid-May 2016 with the aim of helping filmmakers develop the best possible script for either a short or a feature film. This year’s film lab workshop has been addressing HIV aiming to spread awareness and reduce stigma and discrimination.

During the program’s current year, eight film projects have been developed. In MAHD Film Lab closing event, the eight writers and directors pitched their projects to the invited producers, financiers and directors. The projects vary from thrillers to social dramas and from shorts to features.

The event’s purpose is to offer the participants an opportunity to pitch their scripts in front of a panel of producers, financiers, buyers, and distributors. Moreover, couple of production prizes, offered by UNAIDS and Rahala for Production and Distribution, were awarded for the financial support of the projects.

Dr. Ahmed Khamis, UNAIDS Egypt Country Manager, addressed the attendees “UNAIDS supports Art for development and we believe that through cinema we can help effect major change on people’s views of HIV and AIDS and motivate young people to protect themselves . We are glad to see work developed addressed stigma and promoted tolerance and we wish to see the projects continue to production and screening”.  Ayman El Amir, MAHD Film Lab Director and Head Tutor added, “MAHD Film Lab tries to foresee the future as it is treading new ground when it comes to the Egyptian film industry. Today there is a growing need at festivals for a “market for projects”, and not just for finished products. That is why MAHD Film Lab could be considered as an incubator for the promotion of new film projects and new productions, and co-productions.”

At the end of the event, two short film projects were awarded prizes to support their production and post-production. A financial award offered by UNAIDS was awarded to the project (Sunrise) by the screenwriter, Dina George. Another post-production prize, by RAHALA for production and distribution, was awarded to the project (3 Nights) by the screenwriter, Nada Ahmed.
The event is a part of Egypt’s National AIDS campaign and has enjoyed the support of UN organizations addressing HIV in Egypt. World AIDS Day is marked with the theme of “Ending AIDS by 2030”, which refers to the global target for achieving zero new infections, zero AIDS-related deaths and zero discrimination by 2030.

MAHD Film Lab

MAHD Film Lab


Apply before January 15st at

“MAHD Film Lab”

   MAHD is the Arabic synonym of the place of birth and nurturing of newly born ideas and treatments.

UNAIDS, Egypt proudly launches the first edition of MAHD, a professional script development program which will take place in Cairo from February to April 2016.

The diegetic theme for this year’s edition is: “AIDS. Live and let live”

Dare to play with it as much as you can!


“MAHD” Program organized by UNAIDS, Egypt is a training workshop for three months (February to April, 2016) for writers or writer/directors with the aim of helping filmmakers develop the best possible script for either a short or a feature film that focuses on the theme of “AIDS. Live and let live!”

Participants are coached in developing their projects, considering the process of evolution from page to screen, visual style, target audiences, production aspects, financing and distribution strategies, cross-platform possibilities, positioning and presenting the project within the industry. Individual sessions with film industry representatives are occasionally included. A supplementary program offers film screenings, seminars, lectures, keynotes, and discussions in which the participants will work diligently on the development of their own and one another’s projects, exploring the diversity of the theme. A special pitching training will be included in which the most important features of a successful pitch will be highlighted.

At the end of the program, the participants will be offered an opportunity to pitch their scripts in front of a panel of producers, financiers, buyers, and distributors. Moreover, UNAIDS will support a winning script to solicit grant to pursue a project.


You will have an opportunity to develop a screenplay for either short or feature film with a strong impact on both national and international audiences. You will earn serious savings in the pre-production time due to efficient script development. The workshop will end the writer’s feeling of isolation and it will foster the basis of any film production: Teamwork.

You will gain tools for script analysis, how to judge your own material and how to look at others. The program will deliver a comprehension of different approaches and transferable skills in script development. Moreover, the program will focus on the development of professional skills in the field of project presentation, marketing and distribution aspects as a revelation of a critical understanding of film as art and business.

You will profit from collective wisdom not only from the tutor and guest mentors but from also participating colleagues. You will be able to make contacts with other participants, share knowledge and experience.

We are looking for people who are open and flexible with their dramatic material and are ready to work hard in order to improve it.


Applicants must submit one PDF dossier by 15 January 2016 containing:

  • 2 pages biography, CV, languages spoken and contact details of the applicant
  • One page synopsis on proposed story for the aforementioned theme for first draft development.
  • One page note stating why the candidate wishes to participate in the program.
  • One sample of previous work on vimeo or Youtube links. Instead, the applicant can provide an example of a previous writing sample, not more than 15 pages.

Dossiers must be electronically mailed to:

Applications can be made in either Arabic or English.

Shortlisted applicants will be notified in the third week of January and will be requested for personal interviews.

Applicants must confirm their availability for the different sessions.


Ayman El Amir

Ayman El Amir is an Egyptian filmmaker and academic. Originally, a doctor, El Amir got an MFA degree in filmmaking with double majors in both film production and screenwriting from the Red Sea Institute for Cinematic Arts in 2013. During the same year, El Amir founded a film production program in the Faculty of Architecture and Design in Saudi Arabia’s Effat University. His filmography includes writing, directing and producing fiction and documentary films, which have screened in numerous international film festivals. In 2015, El Amir returned to Egypt to work as a producer and to give a number of workshops and talks on screenwriting, while working as a script reader and editor for Torino Film Lab and Doha Film Institute.

برنامج (مهد) لتطوير الأفلام

 مهد في اللغة العربية يعني النشأة و مكان الميلاد كما يعني المكان الذي يتم بسطه وجعله لينا وممهدا ومثمرا نسبة إلى ما يفعله المشاركون بالنظر إلى علاقتهم بمشاريعهم وسيناريهوتاهم

يعلن برنامج الأمم المتحدة المشترك لمكافحة الايدز بمصر عن اطلاق أول نسخة من برنامج تطوير الأفلام و الذى سيقام بمصر من الفترة من فبراير و حتى ابريل 2016

تيمة برنامج هذا العام هي (الايدز. عش و دع الآخرين يعيشون)

كن جريئا في ان تعبر عن هذه التيمة من وجهة نظر مختلفة و فريدة

عن البرنامج

برنامج مهد هو برنامج بالشراكة مع برنامج الأمم المتحدة المشترك لمكافحة الايدز بمصر لمساعدة كتاب السيناريو أو الكتاب/المخرجين في تطوير أعمالهم السينمائية مع التركيز على التيمة الرئيسية لهذا العام و هي (الايدز. عش و دع الآخرين يعيشون)

سيقوم المشاركين في الورشة بالتدريب على تطوير السيناريو الخاص بهم بدئا من مرحلة الكتابة و حتى التصور النهائي على الشاشة المتعلق بالسرد السينمائى و بالشكل البصرى ، كما سيتم مناقشة كيفية العمل على الجمهور المستهدف و الجوانب الإنتاجية الخاصة بالمشروع و استراتيجيات التمويل و التوزيع المقترحة و النابعة من طبيعة المشروع ، أيضا فرص العمل عبر منصات متعددة للعرض و كيفية تسويق المشروع و عرضه في داخل السوق السينمائى ، سيتم عمل جلسات مع بعض ممثلي صناعة الأفلام من العاملين في السوق السينمائى في بعض الأحيان ، كما سيتم تقديم برنامج تكميلى مكون من عروض سينمائية و محاضرات و ندوات و مناقشات من خلالها سيعمل المشاركين على تطوير أعمالهم و المساعدة أيضا في اعمال زملائهم لاستكشاف الجوانب المتعددة و التي لا تحصى التي يمكن من خلالها استكشاف تيمة هذا العام. أخيرا سيتم تدريب المشاركين على كيفية تقديم أفكار افلامهم للمنتجين و كيفية التفكير فى عمل تقديم مشاريع ناجح و فعال.

سيقدم البرنامج في نهايته الفرصة للمشاركين في تقديم و عرض أعمالهم التي تم تطويرها بداخل الورشة على لجنة من المنتجين و الممولين و المشترين و الموزعين ، كما سيدعم برنامج الأمم المتحدة المشترك لمكافحة الايدز سيناريو واحد فائز للمتابعة في عملية انتاجه

لماذا ستقوم بالتقديم لهذا البرنامج التدريبى؟

ستحظى بفرصة تطوير السيناريو الخاص بك سواء كان سيناريو لفيلم قصير أو طويل مع التركيز على بناء جمهور محلى و دولى لهذا السيناريو ، ستمنحك عملية التطوير رفاهية توفير الوقت في مرحلة ما قبل الإنتاج نظرا لتطوير السيناريو بكفاءة ، ستنهى الورشة شعور الكاتب الدائم بالعزلة و ستركز على البنية الأساسية لأي فيلم ناجح: العمل الجماعى.

ستكتسب مهارات تطوير السيناريو و كيفية الحكم على المواد الخاصة بك و كيفية تقييم عمل الآخرين. سيقدم البرنامج عدة طرق و مناهج و مهارات ستستطيع استعمالها في تطوير اعمالك المقبلة ، فضلا سيعمل البرنامج على تطوير مهارات تقديم المشاريع pitching projects و كيفية تسويقها و توزيعها كفهم متكامل لطبيعة الفيلم كفن و صناعة.

ستستفيد من ردود الفعل و الآراء ليس فقط من المدربين و لكن أيضا من زملائك في الورشة. ستستطيع إقامة علاقات عمل ناجحة مع زملائك و ستتبادلون الخبرات و المعرفة سويا

نبحث عن كتاب لديهم مرونة في العمل على موادهم الدرامية و راغبين في العمل بجد لتطويرها للأفضل

كيف تقوم بالتقديم الى البرنامج؟

  (PDF) سيكون على المتقدم الى الورشة ارسال ملف واحد قبل 15 يناير 2016 يحتوى على الآتى:

السيرة الذاتية و اللغات التي يتحدث و يكتب بها المتقدم و طرق الاتصال فيما لا يتعدى صفحتين

صفحة واحدة تحتوى على فكرة لسيناريو يريد المتقدم ان يقوم بالعمل على تطويره خلال فترة الورشة بشرط ان يكون محوره التيمة السابق ذكرها

صفحة واحدة يوضح فيها المتقدم لماذا يريد الاشتراك في الورشة

مثال لعمل سابق في لينك على اليوتيوب او الفيميو ، بدلا عن هذا يمكن للمتقدم ارسال نسخة من سيناريو أو جزء من سيناريو سابق بشرط ان لا تتعدى عدد صفحات هذه العينة الكتابية أكثر من 15 صفحة

يرجى ارسال الملفات المكتملة الى العنوان الاليكترونى التالى :

يمكن تقديم الملفات سواء باللغة العربية او الانجليزية

سيتم الاتصال بالقائمة القصيرة للمقبولين بالورشة في الأسبوع الثالث من شهر يناير و سيتم ابلاغهم بموعد مقابلة شخصية كخطوة أخيرة للالتحاق بالورشة

على المتقدمين ان يقوموا بتأكيد مناسبة مواعيدهم و اتاحتها خلال فترة الورشة

عن المدرب الرئيسى للورشة

أيمن الأمير

ايمن الأمير صانع أفلام و اكاديمى سينمائى مصري ، بدأ حياته العملية كطبيب قبل ان يتحول الى المجال السينمائى ، حاصل على ماجستير الفنون الرفيعة في الإنتاج السينمائى و كتابة السيناريو من معهد البحر الأحمر للفنون السينمائية فى عام 2013 ، فى نفس العام قام بتأسيس قسم للإنتاج السينمائى في جامعة عفت بالمملكة العربية السعودية كما قام بالتدريس هناك لمدة عامين ، قام بإنتاج و كتابة و اخراج أفلام روائية و وثائقية عرضت في العديد من المهرجانات الدولية ، في عام 2015 عاد ايمن الى مصر و هو يعطى الآن عدد من المحاضرات و الورش في كتابة السيناريو ، بجانب عمله كقارئ و مدقق للسيناريو لدى مؤسسة الدوحة للأفلام و تورينو فيلم لاب.

WAC University Campaign

WAC University Campaign


This December, WAC 2015 activities will include University Campaigns that will run throughout December. The aim of the University campaigns is to raise awareness among youth. This year’s campaign is envisioned to mobilize young people to engage more, rather than being at the receptive end of simple advocacy or awareness messages. An activity will be in place to mobilize young people’s engagement through the current web portal (WAC Egypt website and Facebook group). This aims to build a connection with interested students for a lasting impact and establish a channel of communication through our web portals. Students will be handed bracelets with codes. Using these codes, they are able to hear a real life story of a person living with HIV in Egypt aiming at building compassion and destigmatizing HIV.