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How does HIV infection occur ?
Virus may be transmitted from an infected person to another one only through:

  1. Unprotected (without a condom) sexual intercourse with someone who may be infected with the virus.
  2. Contaminated blood or sharing of injecting equipment.
  3. From a mother infected with HIV to her baby during pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding.

What are the body fluids that may cause HIV infection ?
The body fluids which may cause HIV infection HIV: blood and its products, sexual fluids (seminal and vaginal fluid), breast milk and amniotic fluid (surrounding the fetus inside the uterus).

Can HIV be transmitted through shaking hands or other casual means ?
No. HIV is not transmitted through casual day-day actions. HIV is not transmitted by touching, or kissing or hugging a person or through sharing bathroom, eating, or drinking or working with a person living with HIV. HIV is not air born.