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Who is the Person Living with HIV (PLHIV) ?
A person living with HIV is a person who has been infected with HIV. This person may not necessarily have AIDS. The medical expression of AIDS should be only used to the person who proved clinically that the immune system collapsed to a certain point.

How can I tell if a person is HIV+ ?
You cannot tell if someone is infected with HIV from their appearance. HIV testing is the only way to confirm infection and monitor the person’s medical condition.

Why don’t we just test everyone to discover the infected ones ?
Because the test only indicates the HIV status at the time of sampling. It does not guarantee that a person will not be infected at any other time. Testing must be accompanied by counseling. In addition there is a stage between the time the virus enter the body and the positive test results. Conducting the test at an early stage before the body produces the antibodies to the virus may show a false negative result. It is a must that the testing is voluntary in order to preventing further stigmatization and discrimination against those who have been exposed to infection and to encourage the groups most vulnerable to infection to progress to receive services without fear or coercion.

Do I have to provide any personal information to get tested for HIV ?
No, because HIV testing is a strictly confidential and voluntary process. For this reason, VCT centers will not ask for any identification or personal information.

Where can I get more information ?
Call the toll-free hotline number 08007008000 for more information on HIV

Should I report if I know someone is living with HIV ?
Should you report a person with diabetes, high blood pressure or cancer? HIV is not a crime. It is a diseases and should be treated like any other.

Is it possible for a woman living with HIV to get pregnant ?
With early diagnoses, following a medically supervised course of treatment during pregnancy, performing caesarian-section delivery and provision of a course of treatment to the new born, while avoiding risk of breast feeding can reduce the risk of transmission to 0%.

Can the person living with HIV get married ?
Yes, the person living with HIV can lead a normal marital life provided that the couples have sufficient awareness and are using proper protection.

Is it possible to integrate a person living with HIV in the community ?
Absolutely, PLHIV can live and work in the community without any danger to those around him/her.