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How can we prevent HIV transmission through sex?
Abstaining from sex is the only way to guarantee that no infection will occur. However, the only effective way for HIV prevention through sexual intercourse is to use a condom properly and consistently from start to end. In case of not using a condom, you need to be sure that you have only one partner who is faithful and knows his/her HIV status. Knowing someone well does not mean that you are protected from infections.

Is there a difference between the vulnerability of men and women regarding HIV infection ?
Women are more vulnerable to HIV infection biologically and for social reasons. Worldwide, close to half of people living with HIV are females. Biologically: women are more vulnerable to infection, because the area of the vagina that could be exposed to infected sexual fluids is large; and women are more vulnerable to other sexually transmitted diseases which increase the chance of transmission of the virus. Socially: women’s social status and economic dependence on men, and the high level of female illiteracy in Egypt, and the limited right to access to information on reproductive health are all factors that prevent women from discussing sexual matters with her husband, and therefore she cannot ask him to use condoms. In addition, in rural community especially girls marry at an early age, making them more vulnerable.

Is there a cure for AIDS or a Vaccine ?
Scientists have not discovered yet any cure. But there are a group of medications anti-viral drugs that reduce that improve the patient’s condition. These drugs (ARVs) are provided by the Ministry of Health in Egypt free of charge to patients. It is also necessary to treat opportunistic infections as they arise. There is still no vaccine to prevent HIV infection.